Should I buy property in El Gouna?

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Should I buy property in El Gouna?

To buy property in El Gouna or not. It’s a tough decision. But a decision only you can make. The best question to ask yourself is: Why would I NOT want to live in El Gouna? As expats, most of us have had the experience of being advised against it. The reason for this is that most people are either afraid of change or just don’t like it. What they know and who they know is of utmost importance. This, encased in familiarity and security is a good enough reason to stay put. But for the more adventurous, Egypt is as ancient and exotic as one can hope. And El Gouna itself is arguably Egypt’s most favoured destination. But before commenting too much on living in El Gouna, let’s talk about simply investing here.

El Gouna is growing at a fascinating rate and it’s probably a good time to get on board, not getting left behind or missing the bottom rung of the ladder. Some areas are so well developed that it is hard to imagine there was nothing there less than 30 years ago. Likewise, some areas of El Gouna have nothing there today but give it time and you’ll forget that it was once all just desert.

How big is El Gouna?

El Gouna is 9,340 acres of land space, or 37 square kilometres, with only about 30% of that developed to date. 10 kilometres of beachfront and 2 square kilometres of lagoon water make up some fantastic property locations. There are also 20 islands within the lagoons – some with hotels, some with villas, and others waiting for construction.

Architectural styles

El Gouna’s architectural style has been carefully planned to offer the best aesthetics in the area. A blend of local and European styles have created a symbiosis of exoticism and familiarity. From the Tuscan styled Hill Villas, to the Mediterranean beachfront White Villas, El Gouna has been fortunate enough to have had the architectural expertise of the greats such as Michael Graves, Alfredo Freda and Shahab Mazhar.



Everything essentially goes through Orascom Hotels and Development, El Gouna’s management company. And thankfully, once a villa, hotel, or any other residence is complete, Orascom is still very much involved in maintenance and upkeep as well as keeping a steady supply of electricity and water.

What is available in EL Gouna?

If one decides to live in El Gouna, there are a number of considerations to take heed of: health care, education, travel and much more. In other words, day to day living. Orascom have fortunately left no stone unturned and have provided everything needed for living in El Gouna.

A European standardized hospital is located near the Downtown area, equipped with an emergency room, pharmacy, analysis labs and more. There is even a veterinary service in the hospital. For education, El gouna International School offers the best in primary and high school education. For the little tykes who are too young for school, there are nurseries for them such as Mini Kids Academy located inthe Downtown area. And the TUB campus supports a host of university study options.

Conveniently, El Gouna is also located only 20 minutes from Hurghada International airport which allows easy come and go options for foreigners travelling home at regular intervals.

Also in the vein of everyday life is transport. If you’re new to El Gouna you might not have your own set of wheels. But be encouraged, there are a number of ways to get around, fairly cost effectively. Tok tok’s are very useful as they are in high supply and cost only just over 1 euro to go anywhere in Gouna. Otherwise, there are taxis, which cost only a little more, but the taxis can take you to Hurghada, to the airport or anywhere else as the Tok toks are not allowed on the national roads.

For those needing to relocate a business to El Gouna, Orascom have opened G-Space, a co-working hub for businesses of any kind offering permanent offices and hot desks alike.

El Gouna never settles for the norm and are always pushing the boundaries of architecture and style. Arguably, but by popular opinion the top 5 areas to invest in, within El Gouna are:

Wanting to buy property in El Gouna? Here are the 5 best areas.

1. Ancient Sands

Ancient Sands residents can enjoy extended views of the lagoon, golf course and the shimmering azure waters of the Red Sea extending to the horizon. The Villas offer a lifestyle beyond compare: with moorings for speedboats on the lagoon with direct access to the Red Sea, an 18 hole golf courses in your backyard and water sports and dining and entertainment opportunities close by, it is sure to be the most desirable and acclaimed of El Gouna’s residential areas. Read More…


2. Tawila

One of the biggest water surface projects in El Gouna, the project contains 5 Exclusive Residential Islands, a ravishing Club House and a few pocket islands dedicated for leisure activities for the Tawila homeowners.

El Gouna’s Tawila is located fairly near the Abu Tig Marina, it’s far away enough to offer you solitude and privacy when you need it. You won’t see it on google maps just yet as google maps can take a long time to update. If you google Tawila and click on the maps option, the red marker appears in the correct location but it will look like you’re wanting to live on sand. Fear not. The area has been developed into one of the most sought-after areas in El Gouna. Modern and sophisticated, it offers various the finest in living. Read more…




3. Mangroovy

Mangroovy is a brainchild born in the depths of our imagination. The dream has become reality in one of the most beautiful beachfront locations in El-Gouna. Blending elegant sophistication with natural scenic beauty to create an experience like no other. Enjoying a lifestyle of exclusive offering complemented by the highest luxury standards available in a world class resort.


4. Bali

The Bali style designed homes offer beauty matched only by bali itself. Secure living and peace from the moment you step into the compound till the moment your house becomes your home. We invite you to be part of our vision for all the right reasons. Reasons that you already know. Choose what best suits your needs from studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedroom homes or even create your unique living space.

El Gouna homes Bali


5. Swan Lake

When you thought El Gouna could not get any better, alongcam Swan Lake. In the heart of El Gouna lies a world of white sandy beaches stretching to bend around the crystal-clear lagoon. Greek Cycladic houses of beautiful eccentricity proudly stand as bold statements of architectural brilliance to blend in absolute harmony with the heavens, earth and sea. Join Swan Lake El Gouna exclusive community and glide effortlessly into the socially spirited world of El Gouna to enjoy premium amenities and memorable experiences not offered elsewhere.



But, we all have to remember that if you want to buy property in El Gouna, it’s not only a matter of figures and returns on your investment, but it’s a lifestyle – if one chooses to live here as well. Whether or not you own property, rent or are visitors to El Gouna, you have a host of activities and beauty right on your doorstep. To the west is a fantastic view of the Saharan Mountains offering desert safaris and hiking. To the east, we have one of the most beautiful seas in the world offering diving, snorkelling and other water sports. There is golf in El Gouna, Squash, parties, dinners – basically anything you might want.

We cannot answer the question for you, but: Should you buy property in El Gouna?

El Gouna truly is Life as it should be.

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