Why you need to live in El Gouna.

Quiet Living on the Golf course

Quiet Living on the Golf course El Gouna has many claims to fame such as kiting, diving, The El Gouna Film Festival and much more. The golf course are somewhat unsung heroes though. El Gouna has 2 fantastic, world-class golf courses which wind their way around the lagoons of El Gouna. these are the Steigenberger and Ancient Sands golf courses. The Steigenberger golf course is the big brother of the...

Fishing El Gouna

Fishing In El Gouna With Yellow Fin Yachting

  Fishing El Gouna Yellow fin fishing safari funded at El Gouna 2002 by the angler Islam El Gamal and we have been delivering the best big game fishing trip from El Gouna and Hurghada. Now after growing up and become more professional, our passion for the sea takes us to the next level and we are doing more marine services for renting all kinds of boats and also broker boat management Embark on a...

Access bars theapy Beatrice El gouna

Access Bars Therapy in El Gouna

Access Bars Therapy What could possibly be meant by Access Bars Therapy? The term access bars sounds like at I.T. term - something you would find in an excel spreadsheet or accounting software. To me at least. But put the word therapy behind it and suddenly we're in a different space completely. I had never heard of Access Bars, more commonly known as Bars, until I met Beatrice Koecke. Austrian born...

homeopathy el gouna

Holistic Healing In El Gouna – Own Your Power

Homeopathy El Gouna Holistic healing in El Gouna - Own your power Homoeopathy and Empowerment, both focus on the power in you. 
Both strengthen the self in overcoming situations where it got out of balance and needs a little push to heal itself. Both concepts are the services I offer. My name is Schirin Salem, I am half German, half Egyptian, living partly in Egypt, partly in Germany. Since 2013 I give...

Reiki in El Gouna

Reiki in El Gouna The fear of the unknown is always scary at the very beginning. But when you step out of your comfort zone you begin to see the world in a different way. You begin to see the beauty in the little things, you begin to open your wings and believe in yourself so much so that no matter what, you’ll always find your way. A big part of this process is releasing and letting go of the painful...

Villas for sale in El Gouna

Villas for sale in El Gouna El Gouna caters for a variety of different buyers - from studio apartments, all the way up to huge villas. Here we are focussing on the villas in El Gouna. There are some stunning villas. Some with sea views, some with lagoon views. Some with modern finishings, some with a cozier, more homey atmosphere. But, what we would like to do is give everybody an idea of what these...

Fanadir Marina El Gouna

Fanadir Marina, El Gouna

Fanadir Marina El Gouna Fanadir Marina El Gouna is a new coastal community imagined, with El Gouna rituals in mind. Superbly situated near The Fanadir neighbourhoods and La Maison Bleue, Fanadir Marina is a new El Gouna project representing the next wave of desirable apartment living. Whether you are looking for a chic retreat, a fun place to socialise, or a place to enjoy your favourite water-based...

a guide to buying property in EL Gouna

A Guide to buying property in El Gouna – 6 steps

A Guide to buying property in El Gouna Buying property in El Gouna can be an exciting but daunting task. Much the same as buying property anywhere. But, in our experience, buyers and sellers alike can get unnerved by the different procedures and are skeptical about how easy it can be compared to buying property in the U.K. or other European countries - fearing that something, somewhere will catch them...

The Swiss House

Switzerland. Famous for its beauty, its food, particularly cheese, and its chocolate. The Swiss Alps cannot be brought to a new continent, but Swiss food and chocolate certainly can. Thankfully, El Gouna has its own Swiss restaurant serving traditional food, in a traditional way, in a traditional setting. The setting of a restaurant is the naturally the most important part. Its the first impression. And...

El Gouna Restaurant Reviews

El Gouna Restaurants   El Gouna boasts a range of restaurants catering to all tastes and preferences. We have taken it upon ourselves to sample a number of these and let you know what we think. We are by no means food critics or mystery shoppers, but we go to check out the food, the service, and the general atmosphere. Have a read below to see what you can expect from a few restaurants around...

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