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El Gouna Events: August 2018

El Gouna Street Festival

Summer is the season for festivals. And El Gouna is the town for festivals. Christmas, Easter and Ramadan have transformed El Gouna into a party town for days at a time. But now that midsummer is here, the El Gouna street festival is keeping the rhythm of El Gouna pumping. The street festival is not a once off, however. It finds itself in a new location every Sunday. These locations are limited to the most popular venues in El Gouna such as the Abu Tig Marina and the Downtown area. Bands with traditional elements, such as Oud’s and Tabla’s, have added the Egyptian flavour to the festival while other bands have been covering pop songs.

To really spice things up, we have Brazillian dancers, fire dancers and various other performers to make the festival a feast for the eyes and the ears.


El Gouna Summer Camp: Beat Plastic Solution

This has been a brilliant event to create awareness about the effects of plastic pollution in our world. Held at the TUB campus, the camp combined lectures, workshops, hands-on experiments and social activities to help facilitate learning amongst the youthful participants. They used “the 3 R’s” as their central point: Reuse – Reduce – Recycle. More than 30% of our waste is packaging material and a large percentage of this is plastic. And so they say, “It is highly advisable not to get rid of this waste. Instead, we could make full use of it in a more eco-friendly way.”

El Gouna, rated by the Egyptian government as the most eco-friendly place in Egypt, was the obvious choice to host this camp as we are hoping to spread our awareness regarding plastics and recycling.

El Gouna Yoga retreat.

El Gouna itself is an excellent location for yoga. With natural surroundings including the desert, mountains and the Red Sea, it is idyllic for those who wish to absorb its energy and fullness. And this is why a Yoga retreat here is such a good idea.

The event included various yoga styles such as Iyngar yoga, Restorative yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Yin yoga. Workshops include tips and tricks on how to practice Inversions including shoulder stand and handstand. And of course, there was Meditation and Breathing.

Held at the peaceful Bibliotheca Alexandrina, commonly known as The El Gouna Library, and hosted by Beit Mariam it was a welcome retreat to experienced yoga enthusiasts as well as the newbies.

El Gouna Motocross competition 2018 EDITION #3

The El Gouna Motocross competition took place from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th of July, and in three categories: 50 cc-150 cc, 250 cc, 450 cc & ATV. El Gouna has its own motocross club near the entrance of El Gouna where there is still space – and its far away enough to dim out the noise of motorbikes. As to the usual standard of anything in El Gouna, it is of top quality and they hold annual events of a world class standard. Actually, it is the first motocross and ATV track located in Egypt.

At this year’s event, Egyptian adventurer Ali Abdu managed to break the record of the Guinness Book of Records at the El Gouna Circuit. With a distance of 600kilometress in the off-road motorcycle race, within 24 hours. He broke Ali Abdo’s record set in England of 566 km in 24 hrs.

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The El Gouna Film Festival

2017 saw the birth of The El Gouna film festival. It was a truly fantastic success to say the very least. Thousands of visitors came from all over the world to enjoy the festival including various celebrities. Forrest Whittaker, Vanessa Williams and Dylan Thomas were amongst the most celebrated of guests. There were phenomenal films such as Sheikh Jackson and The Insult which made a huge impact on their viewers. But the festival itself was aimed at the awareness of struggles across the world – particularly the refugee crisis. Aptly named “Cinema for Humanity”, there was an array of films that tackled the issue of crisis and the world’s reception and rejection thereof.

This year, 2018, sees the second version of the El Gouna Film Festival and it promises to be even better than the first. The first edition raised a bar of exceptional standard and so that promise is not going to be taken lightly. Founded by Naguib Sawiris and co-lead by Amr Mansi, Bushra Rozza and Kamal Zadeh it is certainly set for a win this year.

Generous prizes and accolades are in store for the winners of various categories with  Narrative Film being the biggest prize. In fact, the top prize is $50,000.

Be sure to catch all or some of the festival between September 20th and 28th. Films will be screened at The Sea Cinema, New Marina and the TUB campus.


Zumba Fitness Master Classes in El Gouna EG

GLAM Getaways is set to bring a lot of colour, fitness and loud music to El Gouna for their high energy Zumba masterclasses. They recently did a Nile cruise – successfully but happily disrupting the tranquillity of The Nile. Starting in Cairo and stopping in at Luxor and Aswan, they are certainly getting around. GLAM is the first of it’s kind in the Middle East and Africa regions. Zumba® Parties started with a handful of people back in 2010 and now there are thousands of Zumba® fans attending events.

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