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sell property in El Gouna

Need to sell property in El Gouna?

It’s a part of everyday life to buy, sell and exchange property. And this is happening all the time in El Gouna, some need to move on while others find that this paradise is a place to stay. If you’re looking to sell property in El Gouna, make sure you give us a no-obligation call to discuss all your needs.

Below, we have compiled a short list of things to bear in mind while listing your property for sale. Have a read and be sure to contact us via phone or WhatsApp.


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Listing Property for sale in El Gouna


1. Be careful

The first thing you’ll want to do is sell your property with a certified Orascom partner. Since Orascom owns and manages El Gouna, it makes sense to use the people they trust and approve of to sell your property. And that someone is us. With long-term thinking in mind, we make sure that there is complete transparency between, you the seller, the buyer and Orascom to make sure everything is done properly and efficiently.

We, at El Gouna Homes, begin like this: After a property evaluation, we will list in on our website at an accurate price and advertise it by various means. Expect a bit of negotiation as always, but if all is in order, the property should sell.

2. Decide what you want for your house (or villa, or apartment etc.)

You know what you spent on the property and you should have a fair idea of what you want back – realistically. But an official evaluation is always highly recommended. Discuss this with us and we will advertise accordingly. Naturally, when negotiations take place, everything gets relayed back you and you are kept completely in the light with what is happening. We never assume anything and keep communication lines open making sure every party involved is highly informed at all times.

3. ‘Sell’ the place to us…

It’s very important for us to get all the information about the property from you. What made you buy in the first place? What do /did you love about it and the surrounding areas. And in the interest of fairness, anything that is wrong with the property. But a correct evaluation should bring all of these to light. Furnished or unfurnished? Average utilities per month. Everything that a buyer should know.

4. Leave it with us

Again, it’s in our best interests to sell your property. We advertise and promote, attracting any interested buyers. We will show them the property, all the features and give them all the required information. They are guaranteed a friendly and pleasant viewing experience and we give them their space but making sure they are well informed.

5. Negotiate

If a buyer is interested, an offer should come in based on the guide price. We relay this back you and we relay your response to the potential buyer. Once agreed, the price is locked. Please note that in El Gouna, U.S. Dollars is the currency of choice. It can be difficult to change Egyptian pounds to foreign currency, but converting Dollars to Euros, British pounds or any other currency is the seller’s responsibility.

6. Close the deal

We will provide you and the buyer with all the documents needed to close the deal. With all the necessary signatures and stamps, it will take roughly 3 weeks to get everything done and hand over the keys to buyer.

And with that, we end our food for thought. There are other bases to cover but we will help you with these when you list the property.

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