The Bagel Tree El Gouna

The Bagel Tree El Gouna

Authentic & Fresh is what they are all about!

Bagels bring to mind images of New York City, where they’re almost a dietary standard, and coffee. But why should such tasty bite be segregated to one corner of the world? This is what El Gouna resident, Marie Blondeel, asked herself one sunny day. That, coupled with the fact that there was nothing of the sort in El Gouna, got Marie thinking about opening her own Bagel restaurant aptly named ‘The Bagel Tree’. Opening a restaurant in El Gouna is no easy feat, but with an original idea and sheer determination, it can be done. And this is exactly what she brought to the table. Now, with her own restaurant, she proudly states: “It’s not just a bagel; it’s an authentic, fun and tasty experience.”

Marie, of Belgian origin, moved to El Gouna about 7 years ago. Working with Thomas Cook is what brought her to Egypt, but is now the proud owner of The Bagel Tree. The restaurant is located in one of the best areas in El Gouna, The  New Marina. It boasts stunning views overlooking the Red Sea where you can watch yachts and boats making their way in and out of the Marina.

More about Marie

We, as El Gouna Magazine, had the privilege of talking with Marie about her venture – here’s what we found.

EGM: How did you come up with the idea of opening The Bagel Tree?

Marie: “I have a big passion for cooking and anything food related since I was a little girl. I always new one day I wanted to open my own restaurant and thought Bagels & Donuts are a great addition to Gouna’s food culture. As much as we care about our ingredients, perfect flavours and fresh texture, we do not ever forget that the dining experience is just as important.”

“When I first moved to the Red Sea, I used to drive around looking for the best ingredients in every shop. Eventually, I knew where to find the best quality. Of course, it was not easy to find everything I need, yet after getting to know the city it became easier and easier to get my way around the food industry in Egypt and finding the best produce.”

After a while, I noticed that El Gouna is missing a daytime, chill-out restaurant. But not just any restaurant: it would have to be something that the residents and visitors would enjoy for breakfast and lunch.”

From that point on, Marie dedicated her time to creating the new concept for her restaurant: Offering delicious Bagel Sandwiches to her guests that they could enjoy at any time of the day.

EGM: What makes The Bagel Tree different from any other restaurant?

“Here at The Bagel Tree, we take pride in what we do and we make everything from scratch in our kitchen. New recipes are being tested and created by myself and the chefs. There is also a wide variety of different Bagels on the menu which are designed to satisfy all ages and tastes. Vegetarian options available too!”

It is a fantastic place to be on a sunny morning for a quick bite before you head off to work, or for a relaxed and slow afternoon while having your lunch. That is why The Bagel Tree opening hours are from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

EGM: Do you deliver?

Marie: “ Absolutely. The restaurant’s delivery service covers all areas of El Gouna, giving those with less time on their hands the opportunity to enjoy a Bagel – delivered right to their doors.

It feels like home

Marie’s culinary talents are not her only talents. She has designed everything in the restaurant in order to give it a warm and welcoming feeling. The restaurant’s bright colours capture your attention the moment you walk in. It is decorated by paintings brought from South Africa, giving guests a cozy and comfortable feeling as if they’re at home. This makes it a perfect dining place for kids and adults alike.

Don’t miss the handmade all-purpose baskets that are being offered for sale in the restaurant branded by The Bagel Tree logo are a must-have.

As if that was not enough, Marie went above and beyond to design the restaurant ‘s pottery, adding a personal touch and elevating the dining experience.

“The Bagel Tree will be offering The Big Bagel Tree breakfast which consists of toasted bagel bread accompanied by cream cheese, fruit preserves and butter. Served with bacon & your choice of eggs, fresh juice and coffee”. A reasonably priced full breakfast for anyone to enjoy all day long!

The Bagel Tree mission

“Being unique and maintaining high standards, while offering a friendly warm atmosphere. Paying extra attention to details is what we do best. It’s all about satisfying our guests and exceeding their expectations”

If you are a resident in El Gouna or simply visiting, get to The Bagel Tree for a true bagel experience. And if you can’t, then order a takeaway. But most importantly, do not ever miss it!

Find The Bagel Tree at:

New Marina Piazza, El Gouna

Facebook @bageltreegouna

Instagram @bageltreegouna

Phone 0112 574 4053

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