Holistic Healing In El Gouna – Own Your Power

homeopathy el gouna

homeopathy el gouna

Homeopathy El Gouna

Holistic healing in El Gouna – Own your power

Homoeopathy and Empowerment, both focus on the power in you. 
Both strengthen the self in overcoming situations where it got out of balance and needs a little push to heal itself. Both concepts are the services I offer.
My name is Schirin Salem, I am half German, half Egyptian, living partly in Egypt, partly in Germany. Since 2013 I give empowerment classes in German, English and Arabic, where the goal is always to strengthen the will power of the participants and find practical solutions for existing challenges. Being able to see the incredible effect of these classes on women and children, I took the decision to add natural healing to my portfolio, with a focus on homoeopathy.

Stronger through Empowerment

Empowerment strengthens your gut. It makes you focus on yourself, your goals, emotions, your boundaries. If it’s a toxic relationship you want to get out of or a bullying situation, we will work on acceptable solutions. Whatever belief system you adopted, we will reflect it and reflect on how much it helps you in your life. We will focus on the options you have and work on self-love, self-confidence and self-care together.
I offer individual or group empowerment classes, where we focus on the things you wish to do and eliminate the obstacles. I also offer confident kids classes, where we strengthen the self-confidence of children.

Healing through Homeopathy

Homeopathy shall bring you back into your own rhythm, through natural remedies. Whatever brought you out of your own rhythm -a situation of shock, heartbrokenness, a vaccination, a simple cold or else- the power of homeopathy can bring your body and soul back to heal themselves.
I offer individual, holistic, homeopathic sessions, where we analyse your symptoms (whether it is a cold, a migraine, gastrointestinal symptoms, a hormonal disbalance, panic attacks, skin symptoms or else) and find the right remedy for you.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me.

Email:       [email protected]
Instagram: https://instagram.com/schirin_salem
FB:             https://www.facebook.com/SchirinSalem/ 
Web:          https://own-your-power.jimdosite.com

homeopathy el gouna

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