10 Ways to see El Gouna

Sharm air flying over El Gouna - El Gouna homes

10 Ways to see El Gouna

El Gouna is the perfect size for a town. It’s big enough to go exploring and finding varying lifestyles and architecture. And it’s small enough to go anywhere in El Gouna pretty fast. Here are some of the ways to explore this Red Sea Town.

Tok Tok

Often times we have to find excuses not to ride the Tok Tok. That’s how much fun it is. The simplicity of getting on, naming your destination and heading off is perfect. And you don’t have to worry about price as any single destination is a fixed fee of 15le for a single and 25le for up to 3 people.  In El Gouna, the friendliness is not lost on the tok tok drivers. Most times they are happy to engage in conversations, are full of smiles and always seem in a terrible rush. Make no mistake, they are there to deliver you as quickly as possible! Simply get on, ask for a destination or a sightseeing tour and you’re set!


Found at the Abu Tig Marina, next to DuPort, these tours are an eco-friendly and fun way o see El Gouna! The best part is that they are controlled by your own body movements meaning they go forward if you lean forward and slow down if you pull them back. Able to handle many different surfaces including sand and shallow water, they are certainly one of the most freeing ways to travel. You have the option of a short tour around the main parts of El Gouna, or you can go on an extended journey to all the best spots.

Lagoon boat

Being in El Gouna, The Lagoon, it is an absolute must to go on one of the lagoon trips. It’s a “non-clutter” way to see El Gouna as there are no pedestrians, tok toks or cars to dodge – only a few boats and the occasional swimmer…The network of lagoon water is fairly extensive and some parts of El Gouna are only visible from the water. You will see most of the hotels, fantastic houses and the luxury yachts which dominate the Marina. It certainly is a relaxing and fun way to see El Gouna.

Electric bike

Electric bicycles are great fun as they give you the sense you’re cycling and being healthy, but they help you out along the way! This help is needed in the Egyptian heat so as not to burn out too quickly and you can reach decent speeds without exerting too much effort. There are 10 stations in El Gouna and you can collect from one station and return to any other station. The Baddel app is available on IOS and Android and tells you where your nearest bike station is. It also tells you how many bikes are available, and gives you your unlock code once you’ve paid.

Download the app here:

iOS: https://tinyurl.com/y7p7zhne

Android: https://tinyurl.com/ycahdgdu

Micro Plane

Sharm air flying over El Gouna - El Gouna homes

For some, this is the most exciting way to see things. And for others, the scariest! If you’re afraid of flying, or of heights, this is probably not for you as it’s open air, giving you even less of a sense of security than a commercial flight! However, for some, the sensation of flying is unbeatable and you will truly see EL Gouna like never before. This micro plane comes as low as a few meters above the sea. What could be better than seeing all that turquoise water and the coral reefs from a bird’s eye view?

Quad bike

Power at the twist of a wrist: Quadbikes! Somehow this is better than a motorbike. It might have something to do with having 4 wheels on the ground. Also, since you’re a bit lower to the ground, it feels as if you’re going that much faster. Quadbikes are hardy and built for various terrains. They can get you around El Gouna easily but you can also veer off the beaten track, venture over the sands or even go out into the desert. Crystal Bikes, downtown, offers you a selection of quad bikes to hire. If you weigh up the cost to fun ratio, quadbikes are probably the best value for money and the most fun!

By foot

Walking is surely the most difficult way to get around El Gouna. Especially in the heat. But it certainly is one of the most educational if you have the time. On motorised transport, things go by very fast and you spend a lot of your time watching where you’re going. However, with walking, you tend to take in a lot more as you have more time to look around. Also, walking can take you places that no other modes of transport can. For example, the pier off Zeytouna beach. Beautifully located, the 400m pier is for walking only and takes you right up to the reef.


Offering the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation, Habiba Horse offers the chance to explore El Gouna on horseback. The 2 hour trip is the perfect combination of a desert and beach ride, which can be done in the early mornings where you feel the purity and stillness of nature. Or choose to ride directly into the sunset. On the 3 hour tour,  you can even ride bareback into the sea and enjoy the beauty of the elements – sun, water, air and horse.

By bus

There is a convenient shuttle bus that goes about EL Gouna. Although it is directed more at regular travellers, you can buy a day ticket for 20le and ride about as much as you like. If you want to use it for more regular transportation, you can buy a weekly ticket for 65le or a monthly ticket for 145le. These are more direct routes and although you won’t be seeing the nooks and crannies of ElGouna, you will still get to the busier and more popular places. The route goes TTC Rihanna – Go Karts – Sheraton Miramar – Nubian Villas – Ocean View – Ali Pasha – Abu Tig Marina – Marina Beach – Mangroovy Beach – Buzzha Beach.


Budget Cars in Downtown El Gouna offer a host of rental opportunities at reasonable prices. This could be a very convenient way to see El Gouna as you can come and go as you please, although it is a little more expensive than some of the other methods of transport. If your journey is singular, you could call for a taxi, hail one down on the street or go to one of the depots, namely the Marina or Downtown bus station.

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