el gouna film festival

El Gouna Concert Hall

El Gouna Concert Hall

El Gouna Concert Hall El Gouna will witness a dazzling cultural breakthrough with the inauguration of a 30,000 sqm El Gouna Concert Hall. The project will be headed by renowned British architect Christina Seilern, who is known for partaking in the establishment of the distinguished “Walki-Talki” skyscraper in London, The Times reported. The British architect spoke of her inspirations for the...

El Gouna Events

El Gouna Events

El Gouna Events: August 2018 El Gouna Street Festival Summer is the season for festivals. And El Gouna is the town for festivals. Christmas, Easter and Ramadan have transformed El Gouna into a party town for days at a time. But now that midsummer is here, the El Gouna street festival is keeping the rhythm of El Gouna pumping. The street festival is not a once off, however. It finds itself in a new...

el gouna film festival 2017 sheick jackson el gouna homes

El Gouna Film Festival 2017

El Gouna Film Festival The Opening Night The first night of the much anticipated El Gouna Film Festival was truly something to behold. The atmosphere, absolutely electric, with everybody dressed to the nines made it a night to remember! And a very windy night it was! The presenters, speakers and singers did a fabulous job of holding their patience while their dresses and hair were blown in every direction....

El Gouna filme festival 2017 EL Gouna homes

El Gouna Film festival 2017 – Closing Night

El Gouna Film festival 2017 - Closing Night Closing night at the El Gouna film Festival was as spectacular as opening night - if not even more sensational. It was clear that everybody had a chance to settle in, enjoy the films and make the most of the beautiful El Gouna. Between the opening night and closing night, 8 days in total,  we had films, documentaries and workshops filling up the main venues....

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