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Holistic Healing In El Gouna – Own Your Power

Homeopathy El Gouna Holistic healing in El Gouna - Own your power Homoeopathy and Empowerment, both focus on the power in you. 
Both strengthen the self in overcoming situations where it got out of balance and needs a little push to heal itself. Both concepts are the services I offer. My name is Schirin Salem, I am half German, half Egyptian, living partly in Egypt, partly in Germany. Since 2013 I give...

El Gouna Film Festival 2018

El Gouna Film Festival 2018

El Gouna Film Festival 2018 September 2018 finally brought us the 2nd edition of the EL Gouna Film Festival 2018. It was a highly anticipated event due to the outstanding success of last years 1st edition. This 1st edition was extremely well organised and highly sophisticated. With many angles to consider and the ever-present threat of first-time errors, everything went off without any problems. The...

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