El Gouna

Official UK Brokers for Orascom Hotels and Developments

Certified Orascom Development Egypt Brokers Certified Orascom Development Egypt Brokers - El Gouna Homes are very proud to announce that we are the now the Certified Orascom Development Egypt Brokers for ALL Orascom projects in El Gouna. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with the biggest and best real state construction company in Egypt. This is an exciting time for the company and we look...

El Gouna – A Town Like No Other

Thousands of people from around the world have already chosen El Gouna as their permanent or holiday home. The result is a unique combination of beauty, nature, and a thriving community. Imagine a lively, magnificently planned town ideally situated along 10 km of scenic beachfront. Picture exquisite islands surrounded by crystalline turquoise lagoons. Add to that year round sunshine, award winning...

El Gouna Art Exhibition

El Gouna Art Exhibition

El Gouna Art Exhibition The TU Berlin University Campus proudly presents the El Gouna Art Exhibition by Rasha Amin; As the town of El Gouna we are very privileged to host the most recent El Gouna art exhibition, The Renaissance by the extremely talented visual artist Rasha Amin. If you haven’t already seen the thought provoking collection then don’t worry, you still have a chance, its exhibited at...

Upstairs El Gouna

Upstairs – ‘Fine Dining’ On A New Level

Upstairs El Gouna Upstairs El Gouna offers an extensive & diverse range of elegant cuisine. With more than 10 years’ experience they have perfected the art of ‘fine dining’.  As it was Mother’s Day and I was lucky enough to have my mother here with me in El Gouna for a few weeks, I really wanted to spoil her so I viewed the recent restaurant reviews on Trip Advisor for guidance. The...

Earth Week in El Gouna 2016

Earth Day is an annual worldwide event that is celebrated each year on the vernal equinox, here in El Gouna we choose to extend the festivities to an Earth Week so we can enjoy a series of earth related events and activities.   Earth week is an opportunity to celebrate the natural beauty and bounty of our planet while also recognising our duty to control our environmental impact and to protect the...

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