El Gouna

Fishing El Gouna

Fishing In El Gouna With Yellow Fin Yachting

  Fishing El Gouna Yellow fin fishing safari funded at El Gouna 2002 by the angler Islam El Gamal and we have been delivering the best big game fishing trip from El Gouna and Hurghada. Now after growing up and become more professional, our passion for the sea takes us to the next level and we are doing more marine services for renting all kinds of boats and also broker boat management Embark on a...

El Gouna Concert Hall

El Gouna Concert Hall

El Gouna Concert Hall El Gouna will witness a dazzling cultural breakthrough with the inauguration of a 30,000 sqm El Gouna Concert Hall. The project will be headed by renowned British architect Christina Seilern, who is known for partaking in the establishment of the distinguished “Walki-Talki” skyscraper in London, The Times reported. The British architect spoke of her inspirations for the...

Cyan El Gouna

Cyan El Gouna by Orascom Development Egypt

Cyan El Gouna Cyan El Gouna - Orascom Development Egypt is proud to announce its latest project Cyan El Gouna, located 5 minutes away from the Abu Tig Marina. The project offers a range of efficiently designed units, from double height standalone villas to high ceiling town houses. Homeowners will enjoy extended views of shimmering blue lakes and the spectacular lush green golf course. Location: Cyan El...

El gouna weddings

El Gouna Weddings

El Gouna Weddings Like any community, El Gouna has various circles that certain people inhabit. In the wedding circle, El Gouna is becoming known as the Venice of Egypt. El Gouna weddings is fast becoming a catchphrase in the wedding world. What with the views of the sea, luxurious yachts and the aura of exotism, El Gouna has to be a highly sought after wedding destination. But, when the happy couple...

Mazagouna El Gouna

MazaGouna, El Gouna

Mazagouna El Gouna Mazagouna El Gouna Lebanese and Middle Eastern food in a stylish yet traditional restaurant decorated in vibrant hues. As soon as we walked into Mazagouna we were transported to some far-flung exotic destination and we were certainly given a warm Middle Eastern welcome. The authentic Lebanese chef has found a magical way to bring the gourmet delicacies of Lebanon to Egypt. We had the...

El Gouna Events

El Gouna Events

El Gouna Events: August 2018 El Gouna Street Festival Summer is the season for festivals. And El Gouna is the town for festivals. Christmas, Easter and Ramadan have transformed El Gouna into a party town for days at a time. But now that midsummer is here, the El Gouna street festival is keeping the rhythm of El Gouna pumping. The street festival is not a once off, however. It finds itself in a new...

El Gouna Marina

El Gouna Marina

El Gouna Marina El Gouna El Gouna Marina El Gouna - Known as The Red Sea Riviera, Egypt's east coast is extremely rich in beauty. Boasting crystal clear waters, coral reefs, abundant sea life and world-class diving spots, it has certainly made its mark on the map. For those who prefer to stay above water and/or on shore, the views from El Gouna are still simply breathtaking. If you fly into Hurghada...


Tawila Phase 3 By Orascom

Tawila Phase 3 by Orascom TAWILA – An exciting and unique residential development of Apartments, Duplex’s, Townhouses, and Stand Alone Villas. The Project “Tawila is is set around an 18 acre lagoon and made up of three residential Islands, located only minutes from Abu Tig Marina. 1 – Lavish club House with a big pool 2 – Pocket islands with leisure activities for home owners such as the yoga...

Land Sailing In El Gouna

Land Sailing  El Gouna Land sailing  El Gouna where Go-karts meet windsurfing - looks like an awesome way to spend the day... Strapping yourself to a sail and board to tear up the waves is an age old pastime in Gouna. A wind and adrenaline powered exercise in exhilaration is almost a tradition for some people this time of year. Now all the hydrophobes among you can get in on the sailing action with...

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